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Recipe: Power Granola

Unlike shop-bought versions, it is sugar and additive free and you can tweak it to suit your mood by adding a different array of dried fruits, nuts and seeds each time you make it.

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Katy Curd: Power Brekkie

Professional 4X and downhill mountain biker Katy Curd has the perfect little breakfast recipe up her sleeve to keep her fuelled. This egg on toast recipe is a great option for cyclists looking to get a lot of protein and carbohydrates in before a long day ahead in the saddle.

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Recipe: Blueberry Quinoa Parfait

This super healthy parfait takes minutes to prepare (after the cooked quinoa is left to cool) and is a very filling breakfast.

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Recipe: Sweet Potato Breakfast Pancakes

These sweet potato pancakes are the perfect healthy treat for a fuelling breakfast or mid morning brunch and, are a great alternative to ordinary breakfast pancakes.

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Recipe: Brekfast Waffle with Ricotta & Peaches

Every now and again we all need to treat ourself to a nice breakfast and this one has a whole of a lot of protein power to keep you going throughout the day.

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Recipe: Pistachio, Oat and Cranberry Breakfast Pancakes

We’ve created a lovely wholesome breakfast pancake recipe for you to try out with an American style twist, using buttermilk, oats, cranberries and pistachios.

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Fruit & Nut Breakfast Bar

If you want something that will keep you going in the mornings, then this high in energy fruit and nut breakfast bar is perfect.

Recipe: Berry Protein Powder Breakfast Smoothie

There’s nothing more refreshing than waking up in the morning to an ice cold smoothie. We’ve kicked things up a bit with this one and experimented with adding protein powder!

Recipe: Breakfast Burrito

‘Go to work on an egg’ was a one of the sayings from my youth, and I have to say that nothing sets me up better for a long day in the saddle.

Gluten Free Recipe: Fruity-Oat Breakfast Smoothie

Give yourself the best start to the morning, with our super-duper wake up breakfast smoothie. We love breakfasts, so thought we would combine to of our very favourites, smoothies and porridge oats.