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Felix 1970s

Paul Simonon (The Clash) and Caroline Coon (journalist, artist, ex-girlfriend).


“Artist, journalist and political activist Caroline Coon models white platform zip-up boots and a hand-knitted graphic jumpsuit with tight hooped leggings with bloomer effect by Kansai Yamamoto in 1971. Yamamoto went on to design the Ziggy Stardust outfits for David Bowie.” - sourced from Vintage Fashion by Ottlie Godfrey


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Caroline Coon: '60s activist on various counter-culture issues ...drugs, women's rights, human rights, etc.

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Caroline Coon (1945 - ): British music critic, novelist, painter, band manager, political activist and dancer.

ATEMPORAL & INTERPERSONAL: Caroline Coon - An special girl from U.K.

Caroline Coon leading the 'Free Oz Three!' protest outside the Old Bailey just after Richard Neville, Felix Dennis and Jim Anderson had been found 'Guilty' at the end of the OZ Obscenity Trial 1971. Caroline Coon was a witness for the defence.