Big Five Marathon

The Big Five Marathon South Africa - held among wildlife of the African savannah.

Marathon du Médoc

Le Marathon Du Medoc - marathon in France with 22 wine stations and 21 food stations (including cheese, ice cream, ham, oysters, etc.

Divina Pastora Valencia Marathon

Divina Pastora Valencia Marathon

Patagonia International Marathon

If you've ever wanted to run through the ruggedly beautiful landscape of Patagonia, the Patagonian International Marathon is your chance.

Great Lakeland 3 Day

The SILVA Great Lakeland involves 3 days of incredible journeying through some of the Lake District's best mountain scenery.

Coast to Kosciuszko

Cant ignore the geographic challenge with this one.

Brecon Beacons 10 Peaks. 89km. 4800m. 24 hours

24 hours The courses cover the 10 highest peaks and must be completed within 24 hours. Courses vary from in length with up to of ascent.