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Check this TITAN series rugged chassis which is portable and compact. Chassis is constructed of all aluminum outer shell with shock absorbing composite rubber corner blocks. #portablecomputer #rackmount #technology #militarycomputer


Rugged Computer is the ultimate source for the industry’s leading machines. These computers are used in military and other industrial works. #RackMountMonitor #ruggedportablecomputer


Technology grows with the need of man. This spark S7T-17HD is designed to meet the growing need of luggage space. Its main purpose is to fit in the travel luggage. #portablecomputer #portablechasis

Technology that changes the human life. This titan series is durable, compact and portable. It is applicable in military base, automation, portable servers and many other application areas. #portablechasis #technology

These portable computers provides for more disk storage, with rugged chassis design they are compact and durable. #portablecomputer #rackmount #technology

Trans 2000 Inc. is a professional portable and industrial solution provider. It also offers OEM/ODM services to our business partners. To help our customer to meet certain specification or differentiate their product from competition, we can tailor a suitable solution either through modification of existing products or design a completely new model from ground zero.

The portable computers and rackmounts are designed to work under different conditions specially in fieldworks of military & industrial units. #technology #rackmounts #military

Technology is helping development in agricultural industries. #technology #industries #agriculture

Portable computers are helping a lot in industrial units & other field works thus helping us to give a perfect results in less amount of time. #portablecomputers #industries #developments

Portable computers are distinct from desktop replacement computers in that they are usually constructed from full-specification desktop components, and do not incorporate features associated with laptops or mobile devices. #portablecomputers #laptops #technology