Love the white bordering and stepping stones instead of path. Continuation of the white from patio. Love it.

Striking modern garden design divided into three sections for a long thin family garden in Strawberry Hill, Twickenham, West London.

My Family TreeHouse. I loved this :)

Family Treehouse Circa Probably one my top 5 favorite toys ever. It even had an elevator, and a doghouse for Barkley. I'm sure you remember this!

totally 80's

Artwork provided By Mel Marcelo During the self-indulgent the fashion icons of the day epitomized a sense of audacious individualism that was captured in

80's kid! Jem and the Holograms :)

Jem was amazing because she owned her own company, could totally rock, and the Jem doll was taller and bigger than Barbie. She could totally kick Barbie's ass.

I forgot about these...totally had the snail one

I had this Keyper - Footloose and her finder Fancy - i used to keep sweets and stuff in this little thing

80's kid

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Popples! I had this one?  Potato Chip :)

I actually still have mine at my parent's house. Will be fun to pull out and show London in Nov when we're visiting TX.