Stuffed Italian Bread....they call it "crack" bread!

'Stuffed Cheesy Bread' recipe -- Stuffed italian bread is like onion-garlic bread on crack. You find yourself unable to stop pulling those cheesy bread pieces and licking your fingers good after devouring each piece.

Hedgehog cake

Hedgehog cake

MADE WITH FLAKE BARS YUMM. A celebration cake with a touch of woodland style, this chocolate cake is decorated with edible spikes, buttercream and chocolate details.


These Nut-Hugging Bear Cookies Are Almost Too Cute To Eat

Nut-Hugging Bear Cookies ♥ — Cookie dough cut with bear cookie cutter; a nut placed in the center before gently wrapping the bear's arms around the nut, then bake. So cute!

Muppet Cupcakes

Muppet Cupcakes- What could be better than the Muppets? Oh wait, Muppets you can eat!

Easter Bird Nest Cake

Easter Bird Nest Cake - Recipe (Adorable & very easy to create. This is made with Chocolate Buttercream Frosting, & also piped with a tip, in small lengths, different directions to create the "Nest" look.

Self-saucing Jaffa pudding

Self-saucing Jaffa pudding

Self-saucing Jaffa Chocolate Pudding - This intense chocolate orange sponge bake with thick sauce is about as indulgent as a good pudding gets

Death by chocolate cupcake recipe

Chunky chocolate chip sponge, a swirl of decadent frosting and a topping made from all your favourite chocolate bars can you handle Lisa Harriss Death by Chocolate cupcake?