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Madhya Pradesh Tourism

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Madhya Pradesh, also known as the Heart of India due to its central location is one of the most up and coming tourist hotspots in India. It is also quite unexplored and untouched. Be it the wide range of national parks, nature reserves, historical sites and the like, Madhya Pradesh has it all. It was also awarded The Best Tourism State Award in 2012.

Madhya Pradesh

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Kanha National Park

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The #KhajurahoTemples, located in Central India in the state of Madhya Pradesh are a unique group of temples signifying and elaborating the rich cultural heritage and architectural brilliance of Medieval India. These temples are famous for depicting the sexual positions and lovemaking techniques which show the sexual life of the medieval Indian times. These temples are the most visited heritage site in India after The #TajMahal and are also included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site list…

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Kanha National Park

Kanha National Park is regarded as one of Asia’s most well maintained National Park; Kanha has gained global reputation because of its unparalleled efforts in saving the swamp deer (Barasingha) from near extinction! Incidentally, Rudyard Kipling drew inspiration from the sublime jungles of Kanha and its awe inspiring animals when he penned his novel ‘The Jungle Book’. Check out a complete Kanha National Park guide!

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Madhya Pradesh

According to legend, Chitrakoot (Madhya Pradesh) is where Lord Rama and Sita are believed to have spent 11 years of the 14 years of exile. The majestic ghats, solacing ashrams and historical temples make it a must visit place in Madhya Pradesh.

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Ranthambhore National Park

Answer This: Where can you find the rare and endangered species of white tigers in #India? 1) Ranthambore National Park, 2) Kaziranga National Park, 3) Bandhavgarh national park , 4) Gir National Park | #Wildlife | #Travel

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Gwalior Fort

Gwalior Fort was built in around 8th century on an isolated hillock overlooking the Gwalior town. It is also one of the biggest forts in India. Know more about interesting places in #MadhyaPradesh, India. #India | #Travel | #Gwalior

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Western Temple Group

The #Khajuraho temples, located in the state of #MadhyaPradesh are a unique group of temples signifying and elaborating the rich cultural heritage as well as architectural brilliance of Medieval India. They are also the most visited heritage site in India after The Taj Mahal. Check out a complete guide on visiting these architectural marvels

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Madhya Pradesh

So called National Highways of India which offer a great roller coaster ride....enroute to Khajuraho in Madhya Pradesh