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To all the professors out there who told me no one can multi-task well!

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Late night talks.

Late night talks that last 'til the wee hours of the morning reveal SO much about people.


yolo- and not to do drugs and mess with people and do pranks and stupid things- YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE. live, laugh, love, and inspire. make your one chance count.


I LOVE EXERCISE! Just not as much as I love wine. or my friends. or sitting on my ass. never mind. So so true

Peanut butter frosting <3

The Ultimate Peanut Butter BUTTER CREAM Frosting to go on the chocolate cake! This may be the one I've been looking for to feed my peanut butter frosting addiction. Can't wait to try!

best frans @Melissa McKenzie Halpin

Friendship is truly a blessing in disguise, we live,love,cry and celeberate with them. It is them because of whom we are never left lonely, true friends are hard to find .Ahead are some of my favourite friendship quotes. Your friend is your.

love all of these

Best things in the world:) I absolutely love this so so true list. It made me smile. I'm wondering if this is a girl thing list or does it span everyone?