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Tattoo Artist - Niki Norberg - angel tattoo

Tattoo Artist - Niki Norberg - angel tattoo - Again, I'm a fan of black and gray and the realistic quality of this tattoo is what stands out to me. I want my tat to look like a classical masterpiece that just happens to be on my skin

I know e x a c t l y what went through your mind :) mommy & me, indeed, you little sassypants!

David Gulden is a wildlife photographer. Gulden really inspires me because I want to go around the world and take wildlife photography. I like his style because he takes black and white. This emphasizes the details.

Rhino run #rhinoceros #rhino #topanimals

White Rhino charging - The white Rhino’s name is taken from the Afrikaans word “wyd,” which means “wide” and describes its mouth. Early English settlers in South Africa misinterpreted the "wyd" for " white".