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~ooOooOoo~ can you hear my social life slowly fading away?

Yes plz.

Gemini - This is me many times - I really think I am supposed to be a Gemini sometimes and not a Taurus .

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Make me pretty happy.

youre my soulmate Justin

lol so true...

I say this every day! I guess I know why now, it's a gemini trait. Hmm maybe I should have been a Gemini


Here is a comic eye tutorial for you to try out. Just work along step by step and see what you come up with. I will be adding more of these if you like . Female Comic Eye Tutorial - Step by Step

When to plant your vegetable garden. When to plant what? (when to start seeds indoors and when to transplant them outdoors). Time to get started! ** Be sure to check out this helpful article.

Yep. Littlest details of all the stuff.

This is absolutely true! The little things are pretty much the only thing I care about. The little things mean SO MUCH to me!

Oh my goodness

Oh my goodness