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Preloved Clothes

A beautiful collection of stylish preloved Cashmere clothing! #preloved #womensfashion
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from Turtle Doves

Heather Cashmere Fingerless Gloves

Cashmere Fingerless Gloves - cosy, warm and stunningly snug, these gloves are a beautiful addition to your wardrobe. Carefully created by the Turtle Doves team, each pair is unique made from pure Cashmere material #cashmere #shrewsbury #shropshire #turtledovescashmere


Cashmere Fingerless Gloves in Heather

from Turtle Doves

Cashmere Wrap - Made to Order

Our Cashmere wrap is ideal for a bit of warmth throughout the year - think of it as a patchwork pashmina that you can wear as a summer shawl or a winter scarf. #cashmere #shrewsbury #Shropshire #turtledovescashmere


Made to Order Cashmere Wrap (Your choice of colour)

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Turtle Doves | Shrewsbury

from Turtle Doves

Turtle Top Leg Warmers in Black & Grey

Turtle Top Leg Warmer in Black & Grey - This new design cashmere leg warmer has a classic Turtle Doves turned top and bottom and can be worn ether way up. We have added a layer of colour into each design and they are in limited runs with new colours in production as we come across stripes we like. More casual than the Paloma leg warmer these are great over jeans or tights and make an ankle boot look that bit longer. #turtledoves #cashmere #shrewsbury #shropshire

Turtle Top Leg Warmer in Black & Grey (Black,Charcoal)

This really special limited edition cashmere poncho mix has been lovingly created from jumpers in cherry red, chocolate brown, camel and oatmeal. Every poncho is truly unique. This is just one of the gorgeous Cherry Chocolate mixes we make & although they are all made in the same way they are all one offs too. #turtledovescashmere #preloved #ponchos #shrewsbury

Cherry Chocolate Mix Cashmere Poncho (Red,Chocolate Brown,Camel,Oatmeal)

Classic Cashmere Fingerless Gloves (Red)