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887,789 Buddleia ("Arnica of the Soul") Shock or trauma of any sort however far back – specifically head injuries and birth trauma (give at the beginning of labour), road traffic accidents. State of separation, autism, Down’s syndrome, fear and anxiety. Continual anxiety living in a distressed state as it calms and soothes. Nightmares, panic attacks Stuck because of the anxiety. There is a big link with hospitals. Fear of dentists Issues around father- absence of father’s energy or abuse…

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Grabovoi number to cleanse your body and build new cells. Write on your water bottle/container to charge water.

Angelic Number to take care of your finances inside a radionic amplifier energy circle. Keep it around to start making more money right now.

Sleep SOMEHOW By chanting this number slowly , calmly without getting anxious. It works 100% ....zzzzzzzzzzzz