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Check yourself: I will not tolerate lies or being put into positions that hurt others as you both have! What kind of man walks out on his pregnant wife & hokes up with a known slut??? and then chooses a slut over his own children???

Okay, first you have to understand, "I am under no obligation to make sense to you." I have the right to be me. And you know what...I'm okay with that. Deal with it. Attitude, no life, yes. (No real people were harmed during this pin)

liking yourself is the real prize

10 Breathtaking Small Towns in Europe you Didn’t Know Existed

Kotor, Montenegro

ENTJ - We're scary good at reading people. So if you provoke us into a rare fury we will use all the nasty little things we know about you to rip you to pieces. I NEVER expected this to be as big as it is, but I'm glad because it makes all of us take a step back and consider our priorities!

Funny how the people who start with "I hate drama" will follow it up with "she's crazy, one time". Shup up Bug be-gone

Awesome sights in Europe

Lake Braies, Dolomiti, Italy // Dolomites, a mountain range of the Alps in northeastern Italy// | Klave's Marina has been serving the boating community on Portage Lake in Pinckney, MI for more than 50 Years! Call or visit our website for more information!