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two people standing in front of a wooden structure that is being built into the ground
How to Build a Shed, Shed Designs, Shed Plans
This tiny house is 12' wide and 22' long. The main living area is 12x16, and has a 6' front porch. The upstairs loft is 12' wide by 22' long. The roof has a 3/12 pitch. Plenty of room downstairs for kitchen, bathroom, stairs, and sitting area.
the plans for a shed with lofts are shown in two different sizes and colors
Diy Sheds w/Huge Lofts
What can you do with a huge shed loft? You can have a shed house, tiny home, cabin with a loft in the woods, or a guest house. The nice roomy lofts can be used for bedrooms, and you can set up the downstairs with a bathroom, small kitchen and sitting area. Check out these spacious diy sheds today and you might just get a discount on the shed plans.
an image of a wooden structure with measurements
30 Simple And Amazing 2x4 Wood Projects - Anika's DIY Life
an image of a house with parts labeled in the diagram above it and below it
Barn Style Shed Plans and Cut List
a large wooden building sitting in the middle of a field
24x36 Barn Style (Gambrel) Project....
two people are standing in the middle of a room that is being constructed into a house
16x30 Barn Shed Plans
16x30 barn with huge loft
an unfinished room with insulation taped to the ceiling
How to Insulate a Shed - 1001 Gardens