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Classroom library area: these are for the students to be able to read with during read to someone. It goes with the book "Rocket Learns to Read".

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Slappin Sight Words! Write sight words on hand shapes and display on your classroom door. As the class lines up, call out a sight word for students to slap (only once) as they pass by to leave the classroom. I love it!

Phonic challenge table with a reading focus. Two activities - read and match the small minibeasts and read and velcro the answer.

SIGHT WORD bean bag toss

Another chalk game! Write the sight words on the driveway. Toss a bean bag (or small stuffed animal) onto the word. Read the word! Amy

Lucky dip with keywords / high frequency words. The children have a list of words each that they have to find in the shredded paper. Literacy skills / games, kindergarten, grade 1

Building words activity. The different sounds are on separate bricks. The children have to listen carefully to the different sounds in each word and find the right grapheme. They can then press the sound buttons on the top of the mega blocks and blend the sounds to read the words they have built. A great phonic activity for early years which can be extended for more complex sounds.