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3-d shape construction from Polydron making the connection between 2-d and 3-d shapes. Encourages children to use he correct language. Also great for fine motor. (@missamyp)

top ten books to promote healthy eating habits for kids

Easy Phonics game to help children understand initial sounds and end blends

Outdoor exploration table. There are a lot of wonderful pictures and open-ended play ideas here!

Dinosaur shape building promotes mathematical concepts of fractions, spatial awareness, geometry, area, and well as problem solving!

We explored how transportation connects communities in the tuff spot. This is also a great way to learn about signs, positional language and 2D/ 3D shapes.

Sorting 3d shapes - a fun whole group activity.

Sand area

Shape provocation - Adventures in Kindergarten: Discovery Time

Photos of the children / staff for use in small world play / construction.