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This morning when we woke up to a miserable windy, dusty, trash-floating-through-the-air sort of day, Miss G and I opted to stay in and have a quiet day at home. We made a big pot of oatmeal, read stacks of books, played some games, built puzzles, and then played this super fun and simple play … … Continue reading →


Firework-inspired mark making in glitter from Rachel (",)

"Count me, sort me" collection. Open ended loose parts in a tinker tray.

Numicon in Playdough on

I usually hate these foamy number/letter pads but this is a cool idea!

LEGO Game - Roll, Build, and Create

Get creative with this LEGO game for kids. They will also be practicing math skills but shhh! Don't tell them that!

Bear in the Cave Game this idea for subtraction. Lots of good math games.

Clothespin Number Match ... great for fine motor development - #homeschooling #homeschool activities

I love tactile things for learning to write also a great example of how to talk to parents about everyday math

My new maths exploration area.