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✨3 in 1 Rollator Walker/Electric Wheelchair✨
crocheted stuffed animals in different colors and sizes, including one wearing a blue dress
Bunny and Cat Amigurumi Free Pattern
Amigurumi Cat Archives - Page 2 of 3 -
a cross stitch pattern on a sheet of white paper with black squares in the middle
Gone Anchor – Shellfish Recipes
two sheep statues sitting on top of a wooden shelf
(notitle) - veggiesatfifty - Ich Folge
(notitle) - veggiesatfifty - #notitle #veggiesatfifty
a black and white photo of a woman with her hands on her head, posing for the camera
Leslie Caron
Leslie Caron
an old black and white photo of a woman with short hair wearing a sequin jacket
Leslie Caron
Vintage Glamour Girls: Leslie Caron
a black and white cross stitch pattern with squares in the middle, on a white background
tapestry crochet puzzle - Buscar con Google
several people on small boats in the water surrounded by plants and other things that are floating around
Rishabh Ohri
Rishabh Ohri Dal Lake vegetable market Srinagar (INDIA) Aug - 2014
two young women with long hair and makeup are looking at the camera while one woman has her eyes closed
Leslie Caron & her Daughter. Photo by Patrick Lichfield, 1968
an old fashioned bottle of perfume on a white background
ZsaZsa's It List
see details here: Petite Chérie Eau De Toilette Refill/4.2 oz. “SOURCE OF INSPIRATION: Annick Goutal created this fragrance for her daughter as a young girl that she always named “”Petite Chérie.”” A fruity floral scent that recalls purity and boldness. A breath of this fragrance makes you want to cover it with kisses. WORDS TO DESCRIBE IT: Sweet, musky and cheeky. Mischievous, irresistible, delicious, daring, fresh. “”The perfume you want to kiss.
Caron Mother Of Pearl collection Perfume, Pearls, Jewellery, Paris, Caron Perfume, Pearl Collection, Mother Of Pearl, Pearl
Caron Mother Of Pearl collection
an open box with gold jewelry inside on a table next to other boxes and decorations
Limited Edition Presentation for Caron’s Nuit de Noel
a small pink pom - pom in a bowl with pearls
My Little Boudoir