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O-negative blood donors are called as universal blood donors because they can donate blood to anyone who holds a different blood type.

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speech 1 Human blood is separated into four major groups. They are A, B, AB and O. Each letter refers to the kind of antigens or protein on your red blood cells.

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You don’t have to be a Doctor to save lives… You can be a Donor to save someone’s life….

Interested blood donors please register your blood group and contact details on our website ( It will be helpful for us to save someone's life during emergency conditions.

Blood Donation is a simple and secure procedure. A disposable needle is used for each donor. Steps for blood donation: Registration- Registering basic details of the donor. Screening- Physical check up Donation- Proceed for blood donation Refreshments- After donating blood, juices & snacks are given to each donor. Blood Transfusion is a process of extracting the blood from one person and injecting it to another person. The major reasons for blood transfusion, including 1. To recover the blood lost during the surgery period, or some severe accident. 2. For the treatment of anaemia, haemophilia and blood lost during childbirth.

How it works- “Just you have to register on our site and only donate when contacted by our team in need of blood. The registration is completely free.”

UAE DONORS website is started to provide a platform for blood donors and receivers can search the required blood from the site. We designed an easy searching method for a blood donor during the time of emergency.

Annually 110 lac units of blood are required, but through the campaigns we get only 48 lac units of blood. This shortage causes as many as 7 deaths every hour due to the lack of blood.

Be a happy blood donor @