Stunning Olympic moments: Emil Zatopek the triple-gold winner Winning the 5,000m, the 10,000m and the marathon in 1952, Emil Zatopek became a sporting legend.

50 stunning Olympic moments No 41: Emil Zatopek the triple-gold winner

Emil Zatopek wins the marathon at the 1952 Olympic Games in Helsinki, making it a golden treble.

Emil Zatopek

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Emile Zatopek & Dana

Emil and Wife Dana Zátopkovi, Olympic women's Javelin champion

1952 Olympic Marathon, Helsinski, Sweden, eventual winner Emil Zatopek leading

Emil Zatopek Leading in Marathon at 1952 Olympics

Emil Zatopek, Czechoslovakia, en route to the gold medal in the marathon, 1952 Olympic Games~ Helsinki, Finland by Nat Farbman


To boast of a performance which I cannot beat is merely stupid vanity. What has passed is already finished with. What I find more interesting is what is still to come" -Emil Zatopek


Emil Zatopek is the greatest Olympic distance runner of all time.


1948 London Olympics: Distance champion Emil Zatopek of Czechoslovakia starts last lap in meters, where he set a new Olympic record. He received a gold medal and promotion from second to first lieutenant in Czech army. Photos From LIFE Magazine

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