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Batik Amarillis Made in Indonesia : proudly Presents..... Batik Amarillis's petit bon bon jacket 2015♥ ♥ made in Tenun Batik gedog Tuban of Indonesia & mexican embroidery...lovely & fun! is how to describe Batik Amarillis's Petit Bon Bon Jacket ,accented with yoke,cute croissant pockets,pretty bow and a little flared peplum at the back!

Atasan - Batik

jumputan dongker-merah

Available SOON at Batik Amarillis webstore Batik Amarillis's Ryder Jacket & new Blogger pants Such a beautiful design for assymetrical part of riding and military inspired jacket, it features criss cross piping and lining. You can change the look by playing with the front button and the front flap of the jacket!

Batik Amarillis's West and girl ...The western inspired style of clothing is true staples that will suit and easily combined with your other outfits! This American west outfit style with superb cutting & idea is insanely beautiful and stylish, a true artwork concept !

1960s Coat Made from Gold Shōwa Era Japanese Obi Fabric

- Product Description - Measurements DETAILS Magical Karabana flowers abound, woven in gold, silver, orange and green. A very special lady in the saw the magic of this glorious textile and had t

Batik & tenun - Jakarta Fashion Week 2013

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