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an info sheet describing how to use the internet
Grace Hopper Inspiring Computing Pioneer
Grace Hopper Inspiring Computing Pioneer. Check out the full comic here.
an advertisement for graphic design with different types of lettering and numbers on the front of it
Your future in graphic design #infografia #infographic #design. How funny. I had just finished my infographics project and am currently thinking about my career path in graphic design. This board is very easy to read, as well as informational. I espeically like all the different typographies used!
seed crucs are displayed on a wooden table with other items around it, including seeds
the magpie
This is really a beautiful layout- there is a really strong interaction between the seeds and the writing. Great photoshopping done to make this happen.
a green poster with the words spacing rules of graphic design in black and white
Rules of Graphic Design poster series
Hard to retrain people on #1. Only ONE space after periods, not two! Pinned by Ignite Design & Advertising, Inc.
an orange and black poster with information about road maps on the front, back and side