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Need to start thinking of eLearning as more WEB than POWERPOINT. Love the use of grid layout here and the side nav - something to consider.

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Hey there!  If you have used PayPal at least once, then you will, probably, agree with me that current design doesn't  help people with their regular activity. Moreover, I can't even imagine how my...

Paypal Redesign

Redesign concepts for popular websites — Muzli -Design Inspiration — Medium

15 Innovative Dashboard Concepts.

15 Innovative Dashboard Concepts

Checkout page by Mathieu Mayer-Mazzoli

Checkout Page

- great use of step by step directions - inline box validation with check mark and highlighted form

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CRM - Onboarding

Sallee Design

Nutanix Design iterations by Jeremy Sallée ✦✦✦ Published by Maan Ali

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Projects View

Dark nav with colored logo area allows for flexible future implementations. Dark nav provides contrast so secondary nav can be the main point of attention during in-page interactions