13 Science Experiments - A set of 13 fun science experiments that you can do in your classroom with easily available materials.

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KS1 Asking Great Questions - Literacy through Science. Encouraging chn to think about how they ask questions to get the best and most interesting answers. Covers spelling of exception word 'who', inspired awe, wonder & great questions.

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iMat (Independent Mat) for encouraging independence when planning an investigation.

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Total Solar Eclipse - A smart board file, targeted at Y2 and 3,but adaptable. What is a solar eclipse? What will the Eclipse look like? Why is it so special? How do we stay safe from sun? Myths attached to eclipse. With powerful images and links to clear web based animations.

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Solar Eclipse by the Numbers - A class resource/poster with a collection of facts about Solar eclipses and how to stay safe when observing one.

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A simple, one slide cloze text on Photosynthesis

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