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So we took 169 pax to Reykjavik for a truly wonderful weekend. A year in the planning came down to 3 days of fine food, lots of drink, mountains of snow, some sunshine and one of the best house bands we have ever seen.

The super jeeps were the WOW, and the trip up to the glacier though 2 feet of fresh snow was an experience that will never be forgotten - 50 snow mobiles snaking through the wilderness was a sight to behold.

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There was a bit of scepticism when Iceland was announced as the destination. It is pretty fair to say that it blew everyone away with its scenery, adventure and hospitality. We are sure that many will return to see more of this special place.

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A glamorous black tie gala in the award winning Harpa concert venue was a fitting end with most still dancing the night away when the house lights went up.

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Some of the group looked years younger after caking their faces in the natural anti-aging mud!