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This blouse is our take on the iconic shirt blouse worn by Kerala women of yore. Classic and elegant like the women who wore them. The tiny vine and floral m...


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Ever thought of wearing a statement sari that plays canvas for modern-day motifs — some quirky, others artistic — like a double-decker bus, a yellow Ambassador taxi, Kathak dancers or your city’s iconic buildings?

Aishwarya looks gorgeous for her Beegara Oota ceremony. Makeup and hairstyle by Vejetha for Swank Studio. Pink lips. Bridal jewelry. Bridal hair. Bridal lehenga. Indian Bridal Makeup. Indian Bride. Gold Jewellery. Tamil bride. Telugu bride. Kannada bride. Hindu bride. Malayalee bride. Find us at

Modern Brides Choice of Bridal Wear in a Lingayat Wedding

Vibrant #Saree, Blouse, Gold Jewelry, incl Kamrapeti... kapil ganesh photography