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Line Busting: How to Increase Your Restaurant’s Profit If you’re like most quick service and fast casual restaurant operators, you’re always looking for ways to increase your restaurant’s revenue. Implementing point of sale (#POS) technology that enables line busting . visit here:http://unavuapp.com/blog/line-busting-how-to-increase-your-restaurants-profit

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How #DataAnalyticsReports Help for Our Restaurant Business A #restaurantmanagementapplication can be a life saver for those business owners still using traditional ways of making calculations. By generating accurate reports of daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly happenings at the restaurant, evaluation of multiple things like service, staff productivity, offerings, promotions, location, etc. becomes convenient. Click here to…

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#UnavuApp stock and #inventory management module helps you keep a tight control on the stock, and works to prevent wastage and theft. http://unavuapp.com/blog/inventory-and-stock-management

#UnavuApp is an online table booking,POS,online ordering, events managing system which help restaurants to manage all booking details and sales. click here to see:http://unavuapp.com/blog/importance-of-table-booking

Customer relationship management system provides a well defined platform for all business units to interact with their customers and fulfil all their needs and at the same time reducing cost and enhancing productivity and profitability in business. click here:http://unavuapp.com/blog/customer-relationship-management-at-the-point-of-sale