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Treat wet cough with natural home remedies using either black pepper or licorice.  For complete information check this short video from !

Natural ayurvedic home remedies for chest congestion.Ayurvedic treatment for chest congestion that refers heaviness and pressure in chest.

True enough!

I'm ready for some blessings that aren't in disguise. (Although, I know I already have blessings to be thankful for).***TELL ME ABOUT IT!**** Lately this is EXACTLY how i feel.

corner book shelves

Bookshelf, L-shaped office. Like this use of space with the floating bookshelves. For Presidio Project, similar use of space with reclaimed wood shelves for more traditional feel. Could also custom make similar shaped desk out of reclaimed wood with mor

Awkward sex moments

I'm not trying to downplay sex at all, since it's incredibly awesome and pretty important for a healthy relationship, but I love it when we expose how fake sex scenes are in movies vs. real life :P

Just Dance Watercolor Illustration -  Original Watercolor Painting

Just Dance Watercolor Illustration - Original Watercolor Painting Dressing up before hitting the dance floor is part of the fun!