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Healthy Food Habbits

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What’s holding you back training-wise? What’s stopping you from attaining the results you want? If you spend countless hours searching for “the best exercise”, I’ll just save you the time and tell you this: The most important exercise is the one you’re not doing.

Remember how your mum would always fuss over your appearance before taking you somewhere important? Maybe you see it as a case of maternal instinct boiling over. After all, dogs and cats are known to groom their young almost to the point of obsession. But first impressions do go a long way, even more so than making a memorable entrance at your family gathering.

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It’s of little surprise that the foods we’re discovering to contain a wealth of nutritional benefits aren’t exactly new; most of them have been cultural staples for many decades. Yet, with every passing year, we find more and more entries to add to this growing list of superfoods. So, what gems does 2017 have in store for us?

Think about it: A life well worth living is a life lived well. Makes sense, doesn’t it? If your approach to living leaves you feeling battered, bloated and downright cruddy, you owe it to yourself to create a change and get your life back on track. Try incorporating some of these wellness habits into your life and you’ll be amazed by the changes they brings you!

For those who suffer from poor dietary habits, a lack of control is the most common cause for such behaviour. Such individuals have simply become too accustomed to eating whatever their stomach feels like having. As such, regaining conscious control over the act of eating becomes the first priority. The first approach to achieving typically involves the keeping of a food journal. But just how effective is this approach really?