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ॐ नमः शिवाय is one of the most beloved and ancient Hindu mantras. It comes from part of a Hindu prayer, the Shri Rudram Chamakam, which is found in the second oldest of the vedic texts, the Yajurved. Shiva Shakti, Shiva Parvati Images, Shiva Linga, Shiva Art, Hindu Art, Lord Shiva Hd Wallpaper, Krishna Wallpaper, Lord Shiva Hd Images, Kali Goddess

The Divine Dance- I by Ujjwal Debnath

Charged with a cosmic energy, this depiction of the Divine Dance of Hindu God Shiva and his consort Parvati is a significant one. Shiva's dance represents destruction & creation of the universe, and highlights his ascetic as well as erotic nature,while his wife Parvati has a balancing, calming influence on him. This synergy of the two together brings about a state of deep meditation.

Where ever Shiva is, there is Shakti. Wherever Shakti is, there is Shiva. Shiva Shakti, Shiva Art, Krishna Art, Kali Shiva, Tantra, Hindu Art, Kali Goddess, Indian Goddess, Goddesses


In esoteric Buddhism Mandala is a sacred diagram and a device (Yantra) to practice Tantric meditation. Mandalas are considered three-dimensional artworks that

Shiva, meaning "The Auspicious One," is regarded as the "Destroyer" within the Hindu Trinity and is closely associated with Kali, his consort. The perfect balance of masculine and feminine. Shiva and Parvati. Shiva and Shakti Shiva Shakti, Rudra Shiva, Kali Shiva, Aghori Shiva, Tantra, Tantric Yoga, Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu, Wicca

Tantric Marriage - 36"x26" - Limited Edition

Bring the vibration of loving, contented balance into your life. Ideal for use as a wedding gift, altar piece, or yoga studio addition. Gallery-wrapped giclee canvas, limited edition. Printed with vibrant colors and a slight gloss. Several sizes available. Ships from Canada, shipping rates will vary for destination country. *Printed version does not contain Geoglyphiks.com text in the corner- that's just for online viewing* I made this piece while I was traveling in India, immersed in…

Natraj- Shiva the Great Dancer Painting by sandeep shinde Arte Shiva, Mahakal Shiva, Shiva Art, Krishna Art, Hindu Art, Shiva Yoga, Nataraja, Stage Yoga, Lord Shiva Hd Images

Saatchi Art Artist sandeep shinde; Painting, “Natraj- Shiva the Great Dancer” #art

Psychedelic Guide to the Universe Psychadelic Art, Lord Shiva Hd Wallpaper, Lord Shiva Painting, Shiva Art, Mahakal Shiva, Psy Art, Visionary Art, Sacred Art, Ink Art

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Print on canvas - not UV reactive 45cm by 55 cm, 85cm by 105cm. Attention! - available two more sizes Our digital works made in a very high resolution, it gives us the ability to print them in good quality and large sizes . Check price and available sizes If you have a desire to order different size of this canvas. You can contact us.

Kala Ksetram — Ardhaniswara, o Meiosenhor, forma de Shiva e. Kali Goddess, Indian Goddess, Tantra, Nepal Art, Kali Mata, Shiva Shakti, Hindu Deities, Nataraja, God Pictures

Ardhaniswara, o Meiosenhor, forma de Shiva e Parvati unidos confirmando a não diferença entre ambos, o aspecto passivo e ativo, branco e vermelho, masculino e feminino, bela pintura de um estilo newari (nepalês) contemporâneo que mescla formas tradicionais a técnicas ocidentais.