Pear Varieties

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All 10 of our lovely pear varieties have their own flavor, shape, and color. Enjoy!

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Environmental Nutrition

Environmental Nutrition: Fall favorite is simply 'incompearable'

Environmental Nutrition A favorite fall and winter fruit, pears ring in the season, bell-shaped a

Pear varieties on the market now include, left to right, Green Anjou, Bosc, Red Anjou, Comice and Bartlett.

Sweet basil and the bee:

Comice, Bartlett, Bosc, D’Anjou Green and Red, Seckel — it’s pear season and the fragrant, shapely beauties are on stage at the markets, both farmers and grocers. Not to be tak…

Never use the wrong pear again! Pin now and save this beautiful guide to use for later! // #recipe #Thanksgiving #holiday

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Never use the wrong pear again! Pin now and save this beautiful guide to use for later! // #recipe #Thanksgiving #holiday

Anjou and Bartett Pears

Crispy Potato Latkes with Spiced Pear Compote | Love and Olive Oil

It's Hanukkah time, and you know what that means: latkes. Lots and lots of latkes. I've discovered that when it comes to latkes, there are two kinds of people in this world: sour cream people

Starkrimson Pears

Tea-Poached Pears - Appetizer - Savvy Eats

Poached pears are incredibly simple to make, but they look impressive. Serve them with goat cheese and puff pastry for a delicious holiday appetizer. You will likely have extra pears, unless you are entertaining a huge crowd (in which case you’ll want to up the amount of puff pastry and goat cheese you use!). If that’s the case, refrigerate the leftovers and slice them into oatmeal or ice cream, or make a pear crisp!

Bartlett Pears

Poached Pear and Almond Tart - Life Made Simple

Seasonal USA pears are the star of this french-inspired poached pear and almond tart.

Bartlett Pears

Pear Smoothie with Vanilla, Honey, and Lime Zest - A Beautiful Plate

Simple and healthy pear smoothie flavored with vanilla, honey, and lime zest. Who says smoothies are just for summer?

Poached Bosc Pears

Ginger Poached Pears with Gorgonzola and Walnuts

Recipe for ginger infused poached pears served as a cheese course with Gorgonzola cheese and walnuts.

Seckel pears

Cardamom Pear Jam Recipe

4 reviews
55 minutes

A flavorful, small batch pear jam sweetened with brown sugar, giving it caramel flavor.

Bartlett Pear
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