Bangles as Mehndi favours. Only shades of pink?

Bangles as Mehndi favours.

What it we did a basket full of bangles and throw a few crazy flowers in it, and instead if lanterns we could put the boots

indian wedding decor For mehendi would tie bunches of bangles with Jari Ribbons

Churi dala.

Churi dala.

Trousseau Packing - wrap a smile!

Trousseau Packing - wrap a smile!

Rows and rows of colorful handmade bangles from India!

India’s Royal Pink City of Jaipur - Wild Junket

Colorful silk thread bangle

Colorful silk thread bangle

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I love mehndi thaals, they're such a nice traditional touch for any mehndi event and they are always a chance for people to get really creat.

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Vibrant and Colourful Henna Night at Sutton Park, York

Glass Bangle candle Holder

Glass Bangle candle Holder - Food Better Be Good

I would love to have a closet full like this in my daughter would love to have this collection too.

organizing bangles at home

Wedding Packing

Bangles on small cushions - gifts for mehendi attendees? Not technically wedding attire but great party favor for mehndi party!

Valaikaapu or Srimantham - A Ceremony To Glorify a Pregnant Woman.  Valaikappu is the ceremony performed during the eight or ninth month of pregnancy. It is also known by the name seemantham. This is one of the samskara that done for the well being of mother-to-be and the foetus, in spirit of celebrating motherhood. On this occasion women are invited and pregnant women are gifted with bangles and sarees

Valaikaapu or Srimantham - A Ceremony To Glorify a Pregnant Mother