the contents of this board are made in collaboration with incredibly talented artists who work in the hair, makeup and modeling industries. I couldn't make these images without the help of those who are in front of and behind the lens. These works are inspired by Lindsay Adler's Creative52 book which is a tool for helping photographers breathe new life into their portfolios. Please reshare as often as you like, just keep the links intact.
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Fashion portrait with model Naomi Helm.

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Dramatic black and white portrait depicting a model unzipping her skin. Most of the effects were created with special effects makeup.

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Red is the single color focus in this image. The model is depicting Mary Magdalene.

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Composite portrait shot in the studio using one light. This image is about being lifted out of the difficult time, space, place that holds you back. Inspired by Lindsay Adler

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Negative space portrait practicing chiaroscuro lighting. This one light setup was fun and challenging. Inspired by Lindsay Adler

symmetrical beauty shot with fuchsia eye shadow. A fun Photoshop manipulation. Inspired by Lindsay Adler

Ballerina Grayaon joined me on location yesterday at Schwatka Lake for a wonderful shoot. Temperatures were well above normal which allowed us to make several images like this one.

An on-location shoot with the incredible Grayson. A chilly, bright Yukon spring day.

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Throwing flour around the studio while Grayson jumped around in pointe shoes was messy, challenging and super fun. Yay for doing something unusual and difficult.

Beautiful Arabian styled portrait of Tamara Horsey.

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