We are all moving so fast and rarely take the time to stop and appreciate the world around us. Technology is a wonderful concept until it hinders us from enjoying our surroundings.

In this image, the blur of people moving around in the crowd makes it look interesting, but it is also focusing on particular people who are standing, walking, moving in what looks like a busy area. A slow shutter speed is used in this image.

♥ Dancer - Unknown Photographer-slow shutter speed, slight paused movements

Time Lapse Photography By Kang Seon Jun

In fact, when certain negative tendencies remain hidden from our conscious awareness, they will tend to drive our emotions and behaviors in unpredictable ways. This is when you might find yourself losing your temper over something minor, or going into despair over a small mistake, or disliking someone who exhibits the trait you don’t want to see in yourself.-Sally Kempton

I want to try a long exposure photo.what to do.what to do.

The use of slow shutter speed really works. This was one of my initial ideas when given the spots and stripes brief, to capture the shapes in a not so obvious way.

Bangkok Traffic by mark burban (snapmole) © . now this one you got to love, fantastic colorful long exposure light trails .

Black and white images in general create such an amazing image overall. The images views with levels of transparency create a sense of movement and worry.

This shot communicates a lot of emotion through a melancholy colour scheme and a high key lighting technique showing a model with a somber facial expression. The use of a long exposure and a flash creates the illusion of multiple faces.

Random Inspiration 65 | Architecture, Cars, Girls, Style & Gear

Random Inspiration 65

Chrysler Building, New York City Lights at night

Random Inspiration 121 | Architecture, Cars, Girls, Style  Gear

Random Inspiration 121

This reminds me of driving.Everything is a blur because we drive so fast.Makes me wonder what it would be like if everyone drove slow.My uncle drove at forty once and he got arrested.

Resting the camera on the dashboard of the car to keep it relatively stable would be a good approach. Then it's just the car's movement and the cars outside that will create the blur and not camera shake. This will have to be experimental as far as shutter speeds and exposure are concerned. Obviously night time would work best if I am going to record light streaks. The camera pointing at back seat and kids with blur outside?

Then it's just the car's movement and the cars outside that will create the blur and not camera shake. Obviously night time would work best to record light streaks.

The zoom on the lens was moved really fast from the wide to long angle to create this effect.

"Ghosts" by Tom McLaughlan An experimental shot taken in the Richelieu Wing of the Louvre Museum. The zoom on the lens was moved really fast from the wide to long angle to create this effect.

Light painting

The still life photographers' guide to lighting: 4 techniques, 4 different effects

100 Smashing Examples of Light Painting Photography (Get A Break From Work Already)

More ideas
If thee needs Anything and cannot Find it, Just come to me and I'll tell thee How to get along Without it.  ~Etta May, Quaker via ECUMENICUS

Moving train, sun shining onto a train station.all on a slow shutter speed. Beautiful (Passage of time idea)

Wir sehen jetzt durch einen Spiegel ein dunkles Bild; dann aber von Angesicht zu Angesicht. Jetzt erkenne ich stückweise; dann aber werde ich erkennen, wie ich erkannt bin.  1.Korinther 13,12

Bright- This photo is bright because the lights have high intensity and are almost blinding. Elements of this photo include color, leading lines, depth of field, closed composition and perspective.what color is your ego?

The highway shows movement. Because the road has action on it, with the moving cars and the lights it was taken sped up. Your eyes follow the picture into the distance.

Long camera exposure, could be good for drive. Tail and head lights.

I chose this because the firefly trails are cool with long yellow lines

Magical Firefly Trails (5 pics)

Using a slow shutter speed, photographer and physicist Kristian Cvecek captures incredible firefly trails like you’ve never seen. The fireflies appear like ghosts weaving their way through an enchanted forest.

In Pictures: 25 great examples of painting with light photos

Best Olympus lenses in 2016

25 fantastic examples of light-trail drawings using long-exposure

Photograph Beach Fighters by Régis Matthey on 500px

Light painting photography tips that can help you paint with light trough your phones. Everything on how & what, including equipment to be used for light painting photography and camera settings you should use.

É difícil perder-se. É tão difícil que provavelmente arrumarei depressa um modo de me achar, mesmo que achar-me seja de novo a mentira de que vivo

Save Tonight by petertandlund

Lights in Motion

Ferris Wheel - Tom McCall Waterfront Park, Portland, Oregon - By James Unkov

shutter speed 6

Blurred umbrellas on a city street. Amazing and effective use of a slow shutter speed! It's an awesome artistic way to convey busy city life.

➰ Free from clutching at themselves, the hands can handle; free from looking after themselves, the eyes can see; free from trying to understand itself, thought can think. In such feeling, seeing, and thinking life requires no future to complete itself nor explanation to justify itself ~Alan Watts

GHOST - These hand Multiple Exposures are so simple , but when they're in black and white they're so beautiful. I thought this would be an incredible way to capture art via movement.