Axo, 2011 [The Petropolis of Tomorrow] FrequenCity

Love the people - 2011 [The Petropolis of Tomorrow] FrequenCity. This is like the Trajan Market in Rome. the same structure, a lot of time ago.


homu - a scale to the city concept toren grafisch presentatie poster blauw architectuur

same map coverage with different levels of information

Development plan for the central part of Gdańsk downtown hub with the proposition concept of high-scale and multi-purpose building with railway station as dominant feature.

City by Thomas Boswell (2014) a freelance illustrator and designer from the UK. #illustration #cityscape

enochliew: “ City by Thomas Boswell Superb composition and brilliant use of limited colours.

AXO_URB_Paris’ CBD La Défense Strategic Masterplan | Masterplan/Strategic Plan | Projects | AWP

Reorganise the ‘prism’ of public spaces to create a specific ‘climate’ for La Défense


Lovely colour with simplistic drawing (source-isabelmanso)

archidose - Madrid Theme City Atelier Teratoma

Examples Of Diagram City Architectural Drawings To Inspire You. Ideally, all of the concrete blocks that comprise the pier ought to be at exactly the same dista.