OMG--the taste of chocolate Quik by the spoonful! That powder would choke you up, but we still did it!

Pink Panther chocolate bar Strawberry chocolate

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1970's Bird's Eye Deserts - they had to defrost before you could eat them, they were a weekend treat

Bird's Eye Deserts, a regular thing at our house. I remember Mum trying to defrost them on top of the cooker

Yep! I flipped out and knocked the wind out of my crazy self.

Swinging with Friends - who didn't do this? We'd also tie the metal ropes up really tight and as high as we could and then spin like crazy. Mad head rushes :-) I STILL DO THIS~CAN"T GO HIGH THO'

Yessss....The bigger the BETTER!!! ;-)

Playing on the Monkey Bars By Wayne Miller.I loved to play on the Monkey Bars at Buckman Grade School in Portland Oregon. The Monkey Bars didn't have any padding under them and were removed and replaced with a safe jungle gym system in the

French Knitting we called it....

Cotton reel (tolletjie brei) or 'French' knitting I loved doing this

Remember, remember, the 5th of November.............

'Remember, Remember, the of November' ~ ready for the Guy Fawkes Night bonfire at Bourton-on-the-Water .


Top 10 retro treats

Toffos were chewy toffee sweets that came in several versions. A standard toffee flavoured version, assorted mixed flavours and a mint one. The mixed pack contained banana, chocolate, strawberry and toffee.

Vesta Chow Mein Saturday night treat in the 60s/70s - many people's first taste of the Orient!

Vesta Chow Mein Saturday night treat in the - many people's first taste of the Orient! Mum loved to cook this for us.