Amazing cakes by Karen Portaleo of the Highland Bakery, Atlanta, Georgia

Now THAT is the icing on the cake! The stunning sponges that look too good to eat

The ultimate alice in wonderland cake. I LOVE THIS. My oldest brother used to send me Mad Hatter B-Day cards, I always imagined an Alice in Wonderland party.

Flat Stanley Project

Flat Stanley - great book for boys! This links to the Flat Stanley Project that is a fun activity to do with the kiddos.


Down the rabbit hole. (I am actually not attracted to a lot about this party, but I really love these framed quotes and think they& be really easy to make with plastic frames, spray paint and my home printer).

Gruffalo - Kids Bedding

Gruffalo Single Bed Duvet & Pillowcase Set by Gruffalo Bedding Collection on today!

The Gruffalo!

Couldn't forget the gruffalo could I? Incredibly useful to see how far you can push a character's design within the context of a kids book.

mini shots

At the moment I am putting together ideas using the Alice in Wonderland theme, not sure why really perhaps it is the heat here in Spain!