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Top Best 30 Motivational Quotes

A ship is always safe at shore but that is not what it's built for. Albert Einsten Quote a power full journey: Motivation<--- I know you'll hate this but I thought it was talking about fandom ships.

More than worlds. I believed it was us. Me and you. We were different. Our love was so different. That our hearts and souls talked to each other. It was us. And we were beautiful. And i was wrong, all this time. I had it wrong.

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When you see successful people, please remember they didn’t just wake up one morning and they were a success! They had to work hard for it.

If I could show love more then just thinking you should know how much I do. That was the biggest mistake. Trust was gone then I was shown the door.

Why wait for the fire turning into ashes&holding the ashes? Im the one who will jump into the fire. and turning into ashes! So so beautifully sad

Feels good to be back in the light❤️ My dearest Squig. A beacon of light for me in this daunting world.


I did :>) NYC Or Boston Marathon in the next years, LoL. I did run 10 miles 4 different times this summer in 88 degree plus weather.

Moving On

I'm not sure if I'd ever wish to fully forget you existed.then I could end up with someone like you again

My 2017 goals! :)

And these have been many things on my mind as of late. I have the brighest feeling for and after what these last few months have been, you may call it 'blind optimism', but I really think we'll see some fantastic things next year.