MHcd: Liquid Starlight by ~LoveLiesBleeding2 on deviantART

MHcd: Liquid Starlight by on deviantART costuming sketch of dress this whole thing is lovely.

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Fashion Design Illustrations, Fashion Design Sketches, Fashion Drawings, Fashion Art, Couture Fashion, Fashion Spring, Dress Illustration, Illustration Fashion, Dress Sketches . Kelly Faetanini. If you love lace but crave a more modern feel for your wedding-day look, Kelly Faetanini is designing for you. "The fit and styling of the gown are fresh and modern, but the lace balances those aspects with a timeless component," says Faetanini, who formerly designed the Jewel by Priscilla of Boston line. "This gown is also great for a bride looking for a bit of coverage on her shoulders while still feeling gorgeous and sexy with the neckline cutout."

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