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"My taste in music ranges from 'you need to listen to this' to 'please don't judge me.'"

I love Brendon Urie! This wonderful endorsement for acquiring music outside of iTunes:

Asking the real questions.>>> because dogs are better<---because her parents are adults and they stopped growing, Clifford was a puppy that was still growing

Totally Hetalia

England, France, Spain, and Germany. If you don't get it, "yes we see ya"

I just imagined a weeping angel aggressively chicken dance towards someone and…

24 Times Tumblr Users Reported Back From the Real World |

It's okay if you save only one person. It's okay if that person is you.

Oh, chem puns. And this is even better because I'll be taking chemistry this year!<<<I LOVE CHEMISTRY!

Space Day

I love how this is actually a thing, but it's called Earth Hour instead. That's practically the opposite. <<I didn't know that was a thing