Marlow Goods accessories are made from the hides leftover from the meat produced for farm to table restaurants in New York City

Africa | Vest from the Yoruba people of Nigeria. | Intricately decorated with glass beads and cowrie shells.

Africa | A Yoruba style beadwork and cowrie shell storage jar with cover from Nigeria | Late 20th century

Africa | Basketry lid for a water carrier, made of plant fibre and decorated with cowrie shells. | Somaliland, ca. 1962

Africa | Vessel made by the Ibibio people of Southern Nigeria or Cameroon | Gourd covered in sacking cloth and decorated with glass beads and cowrie shells | ca. 1978 or earlier

Gypsy cowrie & mirror embellished belt for a boho chic allure. FOLLOW this board >>> for the BEST Bohemian fashion trends for 2015 now.

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