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Breathing New Life into Old Books – Brian Dettmer What can you do with an old book, which no longer serves you? You donate it to the poor? Other life sustaining donations would be more welcome. Recycle it? Yes, this is the answer. But there are various ways to recycle a book. You can hand it over to a paper collection company to turn it into pulp and make new paper out of it. - See more at…


Knolling – The Trend That Kills Creativity Here’s what we have noticed recently: knolling. At first, we though it’s just a passing fad, like the mosquito season in summer. But apparently we were wrong. Knolling is on the rise and seems to be here to stay for a while. Therefore, it is our duty to investigate it a bit. - See more at:


Why Every Graphic Designer Should Have a Blog? Blogging is more than a trend these days. It is not something you do for fun. Some people live off the affiliate links on their blogs. Other become internet VIPs because of their blogs. What a graphic designer gets out of maintaining a personal blog is very valuable for their career – either as freelancers, or employed by a design company.

Should You Design Ads That Mock Competition? It goes like this: you got a contract to design a product marketing campaign and the client specifies in the brief that they want the ad to be targeted at their top competitor’s product. Basically, you should design an ad mocking the competitor and show how superior your client’s products are. - See more at:

How To Ease Website Visitors’ Frustration with Well Designed 404 Pages - See more at:

How to Use Negative Space Efficiently – Examples from Famous Logos Everything matters in great design, including negative space. Probably it is one of the most widely ignored technique to make a design piece stand out and continually stir interest and emotions. If you design on a daily basis for simple ads and short-term campaigns, this aspect will not matter very much. Sales and marketing campaigns come and go like the ocean tides.

The Art of Omri Koresh – Giving a Human Face to Mythical Characters It is not an easy job to create believable portraits of fantastic characters from books and mythology. However, this difficulty did not stop illustrator Omri Koresh from trying, and our opinion is that he succeeded to put a face on famous mythical names.


Should Designers Read the Book Before Creating a Cover? - See more at:

Online Style: T-shirt Vector Images Redefine Fashion? Do you know how many unique and quirky t-shirts you see in the street are created by their owners using t-shirt vector files? Have you ever stumbled upon a “make your t-shirt” website? Most certainly you did, because this type of business is in full bloom.


How to Blend Creativity with Practicality in Brochure Design Designing for print, though playing second fiddle to web design these days, is still a very lucrative field of work for graphic designers. And, in some ways, it provides more freedom in terms of creativity than web design, because you can always get creative not just with the graphic part, but also with the materials it will be printed…