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Baluchari and Its Motifs

Baluchari is not just a saree, it is magic weaved on purest form of silk, a documentation of the society. It is the interesting motifs that made Baluchari stand out from the rest.
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A procession with Horse and Nawabs becomes a motif for the saree. It was this unique human figure that made Baluchari so special

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Two men sitting face to face with flowers in their hand, could be a meeting or a general tete-a-tete

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A Man, possibly a Nawab or European riding a horse, was a common sight during that time, got reflected in the motif of the saree.

A Sahib or a Bibi smoking hookah was the common motif for the saree, reflecting the amalgamation of the European Culture

A Nawab smoking hookah reflected the then social custom