Pensive Lord Shiva....  ~ *In Penance* ~ A long time, Now it has been,  While time's winds blow. He was my shelter and protection, When storms were unkind, There was serenity here, Where the clearest waters of the Earth flow, They gifted me with purity and calming peace of mind.  A Friend to me, For my days here  were made sweet by the Lord's prescence; In Spirit, Truth, Works & Rhythm, Our hearts were united together during this time... of Penance. ~ Jai Krishna Ponnappan

Celebrated to check the day on which Lord Shiva wedded Goddess Parvati, Maha Shivaratri actually converts into the Great Night of Shiva.

Trishula "Shiva's Trident" - destroys all three kinds of suffering (physical, spiritual and ethereal)

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Query from original pinner (I wish the responses would carry over on the pin because they were informative & fascinating): Can anyone please tell me what this yantra as i do not know how to read hindi.