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Fabulous Food

I'm an eater....some foods are more divine to me than others and will find their way onto this Board
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from BBC Food

Baked camembert with garlic bread

One camembert cheese, pierced and packed with garlic and thyme, 20 minutes in the oven


BBC - Food - Recipes : Baked Camembert with garlic bread

Chocolate perfection - from the Oakdale Chocolate Festival 2015

Oakdale Chocolate Festival 2015

NEW BELGIUM TRIPPEL - best ale ever

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Karin Larrick

These free-range turkeys are raised in the clean Sierra Nevada foothills and fed only the finest grains, free from animal by-products. The result is meatier, juicier, more tender birds.

Diestel Organic Whole Turkey | Fresh & Easy

Beringer Founders Estate Merlot 2010. Rp. 390.000,- not a white Zin fan so they REALLY surprised me with this quality Merlot

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Fatty Salmon fav!

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