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If Your Rose Garden is Being Attacked by Aphids, an Excellent Home Remedy to Get Rid Of Them is to Spritz the Leaves and Blooms With a Mixture Of Crushed Garlic and Water. It is Also Known to Repel Other Insects Such as Mosquitoes, Mites and Fleas. #HomeRemedies


Mix Together One-Quarter Cup Of Mashed Carrots, One Teaspoon Of Fresh Lemon Juice, Two Tablespoons Of Honey And One Teaspoon Of Olive Oil. Smooth the Mixture Over Your Clean, Dry Face, And Relax For 30 Minutes. Rinse the Mask Off With Warm Water and Pat Dry.Your Skin Will Be Smooth and Glowing.


In shallow bowl, mash avocado until smooth. Add 1 egg white, 2 tsp rolled oats and 1 tsp lemon juice; stir until combined. Massage into hands; leave mixture on for 20 min; rinse with warm water. Visit:http :

Mix ¼ Cup Of Onion Juice with 1 tsp Of honey.Apply Onto Your Scalp.Leave for 30 min.You can also Cover it with a Shower Cap and Leave it Overnight.Rinse it Off.

Apply Mixture Of Beetroot Juice and Turmeric On Your Face; and Rinse Off After 15 Minutes. This Will Improve Your Complexion

Take 3 Tablespoons Of Pumpkin Puree and Add 1-2 Tablespoons Of Honey.Add 1 Tablespoon Of Milk (Regular For Oily Skin Or ButterMilkForDrySkin).Optional-Add Plain Yogurt to Mixture Spread Paste Onto Your Face and Keep On For 10-15 Minutes.Rinse Off With Water.

Peel Off a Bit Of Potato Skin and Use the Inside Of the Peel to Gently Wipe Your Eye Area. Your Makeup Should Come Off Easily.

A Tomato's Acidity Is Powerful Enough To Clear Up Pimples And Blemishes. Simply Apply The Pulp To The Affected Area For Up To 30 Minutes Each Day, And Then Rinse Off. Do This Consistently Over Two Weeks And You Will Begin To Notice Fewer Breakouts.

Garlic Honey Home Remedy heads of garlic, peeled and separated into cloves (about 24 cloves) *raw honey to fill your glass jar of choice (raw honey is more nutritious than store-bought honey)