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Veg Indian Cooking: #Methi #Muthia #MethiMuthia is a Gujarati delicious #snack recipe made from gram flour and whole wheat flour. It is flavoured with a goodness of fresh fenugreek leaves and aromatic spices. This snack recipe can be enjoyed steamed as well as fried way.


Veg Indian Cooking: Methi Muthia

INDIAN VEG AMERICAN CHOP SUEY Indian Veg American Chop Suey is a delightful tantalizing preparation of crispy fried noodles served with stir fried vegetables which are served with hot sweet, spicy and tangy sauce. #indianrecipes #indiancuisine #Americanchopsuey #noodles #friednoodles #indianfood #breakfast #spicy #recipe #sundaybrunch #indianbreakfast #recipeoftheday #vegetarian #chopsuey #foodblogger 



Veg Indian Cooking: Kacche Aam Ke Pakore (Raw Mango Fritters) Crunchy Raw Mango Pakoda is a delicious Indian recipe served as a Snack. Raw Mango Pakora is a very tempting, crispy, delicious snack which is enjoyed with spicy green chutney..


Veg Indian Cooking: Kacche Aam Ke Pakore (Raw Mango Fritters)

Veg Indian Good Food Recipes..: #BatataVada #Pav #Recipe (Deep Fried Potato Dumplings with small loaf of Bread)


Veg Indian Good Food Recipes..: Batata Vada Pav Recipe (Deep Fried Potato Dumplings with small loaf of Bread)

Veg Indian Cooking: #OatsPaneerPakora HOW TO MAKE #OATS #PANEER #PAKODA | #OATS #PANEERFRITTERS | OATS PANEER #BHAJIA I #OATS #PANEER #FRITTERS Oats Paneer Pakora, I was planning to post from last many days, but it was getting postponed due to some reason or other. Finally, I am presenting you one of the most crispy and tastiest recipe of #fritters, which is made with oats, paneer and gram flour and flavored with whole coriander seeds, ajwain and other Indian spices.


Veg Indian Cooking: Oats Paneer Pakora

Sabudana Vada (Sago Cutlets) {New Post} Sharing step by step recipe of #Sabudana (#Sago) Vada - one of the most famous Maharashtrian deep fried snack recipe - mainly eaten as #fastingfood - made with Sabudana (sago), boiled potatoes, seasoned with freshly roasted and crushed raw peanuts and spiced with green chillies and served with peanut curd chutney and spicy coriander chutney. #indianrecipes #indianfood #Sabudanavada #foodblogger


Sabudana Vada | Veg Indian Cooking

Dahi Vada - the yummilicious and one of the most loved snack in Indian cuisine. .. Dahi Vada aka dahi Bhalla is an Indian super cool, delicious, lip smacking dish consisting of deep fried balls which are made from ground split white lentil aka urad dal, and served with a rich, creamy chilled yogurt sauce and garnished with Pomegranate seeds, coriander leaves, roasted cumin and chili powder and topped with tamarind and green chutney.. #dahivada #dahibhalla #yummilicious #indianfood…


Veg Indian Cooking: Dahi Vada

Sanna Pakora Recipe Sanna Pakoras, a Sindhi snacks delicacy is very popular and scrumptious fritters made with besan (gram flour) and onions and spiced with coriander seeds, ajwain, pomegranate seeds, green chillies and Indian spices. The USP of this Sanna Pakora recipe is that double frying method is used for this crispy fritter preparation. Sanna Pakoras are delicious in taste and enjoyed as an appetizer or an evening snack with a cup of tea. It is also very popular food in…


Veg Indian Cooking: Sanna Pakora Recipe

Veg Indian Good Food Recipes..: Quick and Easy Tomato Soup Recipe with Cheese Bread Roll ups

Achaari Moong Dal Sandwich | Veg Indian Cooking ACHAARI MOONG DAL SANDWICH Sharing step by step Achaari Moong Dal Sandwich Recipe which is a delicious, easy to cook recipe of sandwich made with bread bun, veggies, creamy moong dal and spicy homemade mango pickle.| #MOONGDAL $TOAST RECIPE | DAL #SANDWICHRECIPE #MOONGdAL #TOASTRECIPE DAL #SANDWICH RECIPE


Achaari Moong Dal Sandwich | Veg Indian Cooking