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Fingopay is paying for things with your finger. It uses the unique arrangement of veins and their systolic information in the finger to recognise


Fingopay finger vein biometrics for payments in stores

Ringing Bells Freedom 251: $3.50 Smartphone Launched in India (Rs.251) - GeeksNewsLab

Holofone Phablet : Dual Boot Android and Windows With Projector - GeeksNewsLab

Augmented Reality gathers a wide variety of user experiences. Augmented Reality 3D viewers, like Augment, allow to place life-size 3D models in your environ


Augment 3D Augmented Reality App - GeeksNewsLab

Smart Vision Labs Will Replace Your Eye Doctor - GeeksNewsLab

Blippar -- Leading visual discovery app using image recognition & augmented reality technologies. Blipp and unlock an interactive experience from the physic


Blippar : Visual Discovery App With Image Recognition and Augmented Reality - GeeksNewsLab

-- disruptive modeler is available today on the App Store, exclusively for iPad Pro. The app is targeted at designers, mechanical engineers 


Shapr3D, Innovative 3D Modeler For iPad Pro - GeeksNewsLab

OSSIC X 3D Headphones is the world’s first 3D audio headphone that instantly calibrates to the listener, increasing the sense of auditory


OSSIC X : The World’s First 3D Headphones that Calibrate to Your Head - GeeksNewsLab

Verne: The Himalayas -- Google’s map team has recently launched a unique game entitled “Verne: The Himalayas – Explore Google Maps imagery as a 500 ft Ye


Verne: The Himalayas - Google Maps’ 3D imagery game - GeeksNewsLab