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Software Development

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Verbat is a Digital Technology company formed by the coming together of senior industry professionals with rich experience in global technology outsourcing, supported by subject matter experts in Digital Commerce, Mobile Apps, Data Analytics and Cloud Solutions.

Measuring the two most popular front-end frameworks for Web Development – Bootstrap and Foundation. Which one takes the prize?

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WhatsApp text messages now support italics, bold, and strikethrough formatting. Here's how to use them.

The word shard means a small part of a whole. Sharding allows a logical DB to be partitioned across multiple physical servers. Read more to delve into the world of VLDB. #webtechnologies #opensource #shardServer #WebServers #memcach #database

Docker lends itself as a natural extension to devops. Explore how Docker can help you realize your devops capabilities !!!

There were many challenges for software testers in 2016 and more to come in 2017. Explore the latest Software Testing trends that will propel the QA and Testing in 2017. #SoftwareTesting #QA #QualityAssurance #QAtesting

Agile and Lean - Often misconstrued, the two are actually linked to each other. Check out the blog for an insight. #Agile #Lean #scrum #SoftwareDevelopment #agiledevelopment #leanmanufacturing

ASP.NET 5 is now ASP.NET Core 1.0. But can it replace ASP.NET 4.6? Read the blog to know what Core 1.0 is all about.

Showdown: SOA vs Microservices. Let's get ready to rumble.

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Learn How a Microsoft Technology Solutions Company can help your business. #MicrosoftTechnology