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The Veritas Career Solutions Pvt Ltd

I went for the Business Analyst training program at V-CAREERS. Thanks to the well-enlightened faculty.

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helps their students doing the courses with placement in reputed Companies.

The Veritas Career Solutions employment counsellors help their candidates to make the transition from school to a job. They have a great and qualified staff that always helps youth to develop job plans. Their counsellors also give occupational and educational information and help students to identify their vocational potential.

Veritas Career Solutions Pvt Ltd Consultancy


Veritas Career Solutions – Best Career Builders in Mohali

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veritas Career Solutions Pvt Ltd

The Veritas Career Solutions Pvt Ltd was quick enough to develop its courses to suit the need of the industry.

The Veritas Career Solution is a leading management in Mohali and in the whole India who has been offering the effective parametric training programs in Clinical Research and staffing solutions in Clinical Research.

Veritas Career is one of the prominent associations who have been serving the candidates the qualitative training programs and Placements assistance amidst the leading Healthcare brands all over the world.